Welcome To SkinLab
MN Dept. of Health Establishment Lic #:430006


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we've now implemented the following preventative safety measures & requirements:

Everyone must wear a mask while they're in the shop.

Everyone will have their temperature taken when they enter.(non-contact thermometer)

We have an occupancy limit, so you're only allowed to come by yourself (Unless you have a medical need requiring the assistance of another person)

We are the first shop in Rochester to receive an Establishment License!

MN law requires that you are 18 years of age or older to receive a tattoo. You must also provide VALID LEGAL IDENTIFICATION, even if you're over 18, and even if you've been here before.
If you are unable to provide the required legal identification, we can't tattoo or pierce you. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you are under 18 years old and wish to get a piercing, the following identification is required:
-Parent or legal guardians Drivers License or other Government Issued ID.
-ORIGINAL Birth Certificate of minor getting piercing.
-ID for the minor getting pierced, ie: Passport, Drivers License or Permit, School ID, KidSafeID, or MN State Identification Card (A person of any age may apply for a Minnesota Identification card.
Click For Info about ID's for minors on MN DPS site)
If you are unable to provide the required legal identification, we can't pierce a minor.

Our shop has a clean, sterile environment, mom-friendly atmosphere, artist portfolios, single use needles, and experienced, professional, and skilled artists and piercers.

Has your teen been bugging you for a piercing? Or maybe you've been wanting one, but you cant seem to find the right shop? You have come to the right place. When you walk through our doors you will feel comfortable with our clean, spacious, and sterile mom-friendly environment.

You're probably wondering what sets our shop apart from other tattoo shops in the area. The answer is easy; our staff has been chosen for their unique and personal art style, commitment, and dedication to their work. Our artists are setting the standards that other studios try to follow, but have yet to achieve. Unlike other shops, we have no flash art. We want you to come to us with a design in mind, and let our artists do the rest. We want you to walk out of our shop with an original design, not something picked off of a wall. Your experience should be something you will remember, not something you try to forget.

No matter what idea or style you have in mind for your next piercing or tattoo, our versatile staff will be sure to accommodate you. Our doors are open Monday through Saturday, Noon until 8:00pm. Stop by, see the shop, meet the artists, and browse through our portfolios. Come and see for yourself that quality is our first priority.


Skinlab Piercing and Tattoo is Located at 1117 Seventh St. NW in Rochester, MN 55901 See Google Maps

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