AfterCare Instructions for Your New Tattoo
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Care of Your New Tattoo:

Remove Bandage

If bandage does not easily release from tattoo, run cool water over bandage to saturate it. Bandage will fall back under its own weight. This process may take a few minutes but it should prevent any damage to the tattoo.

Wash Tattoo

Wash tattoo with cool water, and a mild unscented liquid anti-bacterial soap such as Provon®, Dial®, or Softsoap®. Use fingers only to work up a lather. Once tattoo is clean, and feels smooth, rinse well. (If showering, do not allow water to hit tattoo directly. Let the water hit the body above the tattoo, and trickle down over it, also make sure it is the last to be washed to remove any irritants from other shower products). Remember to wash tattoo Twice daily.

Dry Tattoo

Press on tattoo firmly with a clean paper towel to dry off water and press out any fluid (Tattoo should not be wiped with anything once the healing process begins). Once tattoo stops weeping any fluid into the paper towel, apply an ice pack, wrapped in paper towel, this helps to close pores in the skin. Only use new paper towel. Never use a cloth towel to dry a tattoo, this can cause an infection from bacteria in the towel. Do not over ice as this restricts blood flow in the skin.

Apply Lotion

Apply an unscented daily hand lotion such as Curel®, Lubriderm®, or Jergens®. We recommend a water-based lotion with little or NO Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, or Fragrance. NO petroleum based products such as A&D® or Vani-Cream®, these ingredients can cause the tattoo to fade or become irritated. Use of any petroleum based products on your tattoo will void your touch-up.


Apply lotion 1 to 2 times daily for the next year. Work lotion completely into the skin until there is no product remaining on the surface. (AT THIS POINT, SKIN SHOULD APPEAR DRY.)

Tattoos take about 30 days to heal. It will look healed in about 2 weeks but it is not healed inside the skin. Follow all aftercare to reduce the risk of infections. We recommend you consult a health care professional at the first sign of infection.


  • Do not re-wrap tattoo

  • Do not over moisturize - this promotes scabbing and pulls out color.


  • Do not allow water to hit tattoo directly.

  • Do not swim or soak tattoo in water for 30 days.

  • Avoid well water and natural water as it can lead to infection.