Meet The SkinLab Artists

"E" - Artist
Born in Chicago, "E," (yes it is the letter E) has been infatuated with any kind of artwork since he was a child. Any spare time he had he was found drawing, sketching, painting, tagging, you name it. In 2004, E started a formal apprenticeship at an award winning shop in Illinois called Wolf’s Fine Line. While apprenticing he was able to learn the correct way to sterilize his equipment, the proper equipment to use, and the art of tattooing. Since the start of his apprenticeship he has been tattooing daily, which fueled his desire to push his ambitions and artistic abilities past the limit.

In July of 2009, E had the chance to help open a clean and sterile shop; he took the opportunity and has been happy about his decision ever since. Though he never limits himself and loves all types of work and challenges, his favorite and most notable topics are new school cartoon and flowers.

When E is not at Skinlab, he is usually spending time with his girlfriend.” E has a big dog named Frank. There’s never a dull moment when he’s not at Skinlab. You can find E at Skinlab Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday.

Brian- Owner/Piercer

Brian has had an interest in piercings since he was 14. Though some people look at piercings as simply putting holes in your body, Brian looks at it as body modification in an artful manner. Brian started piercing in 2004. Since then he has become a master body piercer and still continues to push himself to new levels.

In 2009 Brian wanted to open up a new piercing and tattoo studio. He wanted this shop to set new standards in Minnesota; at the same time he wanted clients to feel comfortable and not intimidated when walking into a piercing or tattoo shop. In July 2009 the doors of Skinlab opened.

On Brian’s off time you can find him gaming, tinkering with electronics, or creating computer graphics. You can find Brian at Skinlab Tuesday through Saturday.

Holland- Artist/Piercer

Born and raised in Houston, MN, Holland has been immersed and loved art and drawing since she was a child. Her father has been a muralist and sign painter her entire life and her grandmother is well known in the Wisconsin and Minnesota art scene. After attending college at both Winona State University and RCTC majoring in Studio and Graphic Arts she was offered an apprenticeship at a professional shop. Holland has been tattooing professionally since July 2008. Holland enjoys and is well skilled at all types of tattoos but really enjoys black and gray photo-realism and new school designs with bright colors and perfect line work. Professionally trained as an artist and well educated, Holland will be sure to impress you with her skill, talent, artistry, and creativity. Holland feels the most important things about her job are going above and beyond the customers expectations and having them leave happy with a huge grin on their face and also our customers safety. Skinlab is proud to have staff that is professional, clean, and safe.

When Holland is not at the shop, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog. She also likes to play guitar and poker. You can find Holland at Skinlab Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Alyssa- Artist/Piercer

Alyssa Kastner grew up in Kasson, MN where she graduated KM High School. After High school, she went to RCTC for two years where she changed her major a million times, anywhere from Dental Hygiene to Music Business to Special Education. She found her calling in Tattooing and Body Modifications in 2012 when she was offered an apprenticeship at Skinlab. Her mentors, E and Holland, taught her all of the tricks and trades in the tattooing and piercing world, as well as proper cleaning and sterilization techniques. Alyssa has always been very involved in the arts and music while in school. She had multiple pieces entered in the states art competition. She has always wanted a career in art because it is something she is very passionate about. She continues to thrive in the industry and loves that she is continuously learning new skills and techniques in tattooing. She loves cats, she loves every kind of cat. She spends a lot of her free time with her cats Charlie and Jenifurr.